Middle School and Junior High School
Bully Prevention Program

Conflict Resolution & Anger Management

Conflict Resolution and Anger Management: A teen anger management program that helps teens "duck" conflict and discover practical ways to stop and think before they react

conflict resolutionConflict is a part of life. Good conflict can help middle school students learn how to peacefully stick up for themselves and also strengthen relationships. Bad conflict can lead to aggressive behavior, fighting, bullying and possible school suspension.

This middle school conflict resolution program is designed to offer up a clearer understanding of conflict and bullying. We discuss the difference between good conflict and bad conflict, and demonstrate how bad conflict can promote a negative school environment and bullying behavior. Throughout the program we discuss positive ways to work through and avoid conflict. We also give the middle school audience examples of positive communication skills and teach mind calming techniques that can help them think clearer, discover a peaceful solution and learn why it's ok to walk away.

During the program we share real life middle school student stories and examples to help the middle school students learn form their peers. This includes examples of right ways and wrong ways to express negative stress.

Through interactive fun skits and audience involvement we create a hands on approach to resolving conflicts and reducing verbal and physical fighting in school.

Through humor, ventriloquism, real life middle school bullying stories and audience participation, students discover having fun at someone else's expense is actually one form of bullying. They come to understand that bullying in school, bullying on the bus, and cyber bullying is wrong and can have lifelong negative effects on both the target and the bully.

This middle school conflict resolution topic can be booked as a 45-50 minute school assembly or a full day/half day classroom training.

If you are looking for a fun program that just shares what conflict resolution is then this is not the program for your school. If you are looking for a program that offers up proven strategies to prevent conflict and reduce teen anger, a program that is interactive, humorous but most importantly educational, then this is the middle school program for you.