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Think Before You Click - Social Networking Safety

A Middle School Cyber Bullying Program

Cyberbullying is fast becoming a crisis level problem at many middle schools and high schools throughout the country.

Cyberbullying can take place on a web site, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Any place on the web or on the cell phone where many others can download, print or send it to other fans and friends of their social media sites.

stop cyber bullying"Think before You Click" is an informative, fast moving middle school "no cyberbullying" assembly that helps the middle school students understand that cyberbullying is not only hurtful and vicious, but also may be illegal.

Students learn what cyberbullying is and what they can do about it. They also find out that what they put up will never go away. Richard shares stories from actual students that have ruined their college and career dreams because they uploaded negative information with the intention of hurting a fellow student or faculty member.

"Think before You Click" implements audience interaction, Power Point and Q & A to explain why cyber bullying is wrong, how it can hurt both the target and the bully -for life.

This is a value driven program that talks about actual court cases involving teens charged with cyberbullying and the legal consequences that followed. Richard also includes legal facts about cyberbullying and what you can do if you discover you or someone else is the target of harassment and cyberbullying.

Within the first five minutes of this middle school assembly, students understand what will happen if they upload a hurtful video, picture or text.

Richard opens with a hands-on example that involves most of the audience. Through this educational activity they come to understand quickly that what you send out online can be uploaded anywhere in the world and cyber bullyingin most cases never goes away. They discover that even though they try to clear it, someone, somewhere still has the information. It could haunt the bully in the future when they are looking to attend the school of their choice or future employment opportunities.

Twitter, Facebook, Google, Verizon, and others have protectors in place to help Cyber Bully Targets. Richard will explain these procedures, and supply the school with a handout that includes information from these social media outlets and other local, state and federal agencies that offer help to cyber victims and targets.

"Think before You Click" is a fun, fast moving cyber bullying middles school program that will keep their attention, but most importantly it will give students the information, procedures and tools they need to report and put an end to the cyberbully problem.

If you are looking for a middle school cyberbullying program that will be educational, informational with a lot of audience interaction then this is the program for your middle school/junior high school students. Richard turns a serious topic into an electrifying, educational, humorous experience. He gives your students practical information about cyberbullying and a solid reason why they should think before the click.


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