Middle School and Junior High School
Bully Prevention Programs

Positive Behavior = Positive Results

(Positive Behavior Skills)

Positive Behavior = Positive Results: Promoting positive behavior to get positive results

positive behavior character building assemblyRichard designed this self-improving middle school assembly to work within the guidelines of many school's positive behavior support and character building programs. It is not the usual "one size fits all" style of school assemblies. It is engineered to be changed and tweaked to fit in within each schools mission and objectives.

It is an interactive program that mixes audience interaction, ventriloquism and stories to illustrate the differences between positive and negative behavior. Richard shares the power of forgiveness, and why it is important to respect yourself and others. They are also given a quick lesson on the benefits of mentoring and what they can do to create their own "silent" mentoring list.

Throughout the presentation students learn life lessons and the outcomes that they might expect with every choice and decision they make. Richard provides practical advice on teenage middle school survival and shares why it is important to live drug and alcohol free.

"This was a great experience, and the students talked about it positively the rest of the day! I am glad we were able to make it happen and look forward to working with you more on the Bully Free Schools initiative as well!"

Eric Williamson
Warren Consolidated Schools

Richard's high energy, hilarious speaking style motivates the middle school students to want to take charge of their own mind and body. They discover that some failure as bad as it may seem, is the real stepping stone toward personal and academic success.

They discover that everyone gets hurt and angry but it is how we work through it and deal with it that counts. They come to understand that what they give out they will receive. They also learn how to strip away the negative thoughts that block their true potential.

This is a practical life skill character building program that offers up simple ways they can take steps to improve their attitude, become a better student, and have the ability to really say no to drugs and alcohol.

Thanks again for the meaningful presentation!! I believe the kids got quite a bit from your message. You could tell by the questions asked by the students.

Michelle C .