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Elementary School
Bully Prevention Program

stop bullying

Stop the Bullying is an educational, anti-bully, safe school program that discusses school violence, teasing, self-esteem, confidence, self-control, self-discipline, friendship, compassion, caring and breaking the silence.

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Top three things students will learn:
  1. The difference between conflict & bullying
  2. When and how to report bullying
  3. Working as a team to prevent and put an end to bullying
Program Objective:

To erase the labels (Bully and Victim) and create a circle of support within the school so that students clearly understand that they are not alone and that the principal, teachers and staff are committed to helping them an keeping them safe.

A fun practical 45-50 minute educational anti-bullying program that helps students understand the differences between conflict and bullying, what to do if you are being bullied and how to work as a team to report bullying.

Prior to coming to your school Richard will talk to the social worker, counselor and principal to learn the school policies when it comes to positive support and consequences for bullying behavior.

No Bully Clubbully assembly resultsVentriloquist, elementary school assembly, bully free schools speaker Richard Paul will share stories, examples and tips on how students can peacefully stand up as a team against bullying behavior. Richard will also implement several of his puppet characters throughout the no bullying school assembly program to reinforce the main anti-bullying messages within the topic.

Richard is a firm believer that audience participation is a big part of enhancing the elementary educational assembly message. He will be calling up students and teachers to help with an hilarious skit that will playfully remind the students to work together as a team to keep the school bully free.

At the end of the Stop the Bullying, elementary school assembly program students will learn what to do if they are being bullied, the definition of what a bully is, what is cyber bullying, the differences between conflict and bullying, what they should do if the think they are bully, what to do if they see someone being bullied and what to do if someone threatens them in school, on the bus or on the way home from school. They will be given a review sheet and a promise contract that they will sign promising that they will not bully anyone and they will work together promote a safe school environment.

"You made an impact on our students, everyone still talks about it. Our administration has recommended the assembly to our other schools because they thought it was a really successful program. I am implementing the workshops and assemblies for our next school year and you are on our agenda for 5 schools. Thank you and I appreciate your support."
Wasan Aljanaby, Dearborn Michigan


report bullyingStop the Bullying mission is to reduce school violence, bullying and promote school safety. We will share information on how to identify and properly deal with a school bully and offer tips to help reduce the bullying problem and fighting in school reinforcing the benefits of school safety. We will share success stories and proven techniques that will teach students how to work together as a team to help end the school bullying violence in school. We will continue to update our message with new helpful information to open the lines of no bully communication between students that are victims of a bully know that no one has a right to tease, threaten or bully them.

The puppets, audience interaction, music and factual educational information and free activities page will teach the students what to do if they are being bullied and explain the consequences one can expect if they push, hit, threaten or hurt another student.


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