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Bully Prevention Program

Richard Paul School ShowsRichard offers motivational, educational middle school assembly programs that promote success skills and stop bullying behavior.

Middle school speaker Richard Paul's assembly programs complement the schools positive behavior support strategies by motivating students to be part of a proactive team that consistently promotes and rewards respect, responsibility and good character skills. Many middle school principals and social workers have commented on how middle school speaker Richard Paul keeps the middle school/ junior high school student’s attention with his hilarious audience interaction, middle school related stories and ventriloquism skills.

Dear Richard,
I learned that it’s not alright to make fun of people and that I should not judge them by the way they look, or how they talk. I should instead see them the way I want others to see me.  You taught us how to think with are hearts.

Thank you, Rosie
Seventh grade, Middle School Student

Richard Paul School ShowsAt the core of each of his middle school, junior high school programs students learn about compassion and a clear understanding of the golden rule:

“Do unto others as you would like others to do to you. "

All of Richard's middle school, motivational, educational, topics offers up practical teen survival tools and strategies students can quickly implement to improve their behavior.   He shares powerful tips on conquering life’s challenging moments with kindness and respect.  

Since you have given your presentation the teachers are talking about some of the things you said and me and my friends are nicer to one another.

8th Grade, Middle School Student


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Three high-energy, funny, educational teen programs to stop bullying!

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Stop Middle School Bullying

stop bullying middle school assemblyStudents learn the difference between conflict and bullying, the power of understanding, what to do if you are a target of a bully and how to work as a team to stand-up and speak- up against bullying and aggressive behavior.

This is a how to program to help middle schools students understand and cope with abrasive students. They learn some simple life strategies for dealing with middle school bullying.

They discover they are not alone and are given several effective ways to report bullying without repercussions.

Through ventriloquism, stories and hilarious audience participation they come to understand how to prevent and stop bullying.

Think Before You Click (No Cybe bullying)

stop cyber bullyingStudents come to understand where freedom of speech ends and legal problems begin. This value-driven program shares actual court cases involving teens charged with cyberbullying and the legal consequences that followed. Richard also includes important legal facts about cyberbullying and what you can do if you discover you are the target of harassment and cyberbullying.

Students learn what cyberbullying is and what they can do about it. He also shares critical cyberbullying prevention techniques and strategies for effectively addressing online bullying.  

Students will find out that what they put up will never go away.  Richard shares stories from actual students that have ruined their college and career dreams because they’ve uploaded negative, cyberbullying information on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the intention to hurt and defame another individual.

positive behavior middle school assemblyPositive Behavior = Positive Results (Positive Behavior Skills)

Middle schools students learn what you put out is what you will receive.  

This high energy motivational program helps the junior high school/ middle school student  discover the need to take responsibility for their behavior, why drugs and alcohol canl ruin their life and practical advice on teenage, middle school survival.

They are given tips on how to peacefully work through anger, what it means to be a “secret mentor,” the power of forgiveness, and how to improve self-talk.

bully prevention middle school assembly

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Bully Prevention school assemblies at Berkshire Middle School
Photos and case study by Carroll DeWeese

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"Thanks Richard… This was a great experience, and the students talked about it positively the rest of the day! I am glad we were able to make it happen and look forward to working with you more on the Bully Free Schools initiative as well." Eric Williamson, Warren Consolidated Schools

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