The Michigan Touring Arts Grant is available
for Richard Paul’s School Assembly Programs

Ventriloquist/School Speaker Richard Paul offers school assembly program that are educational and fun. A Michigan based school speaker and bully prevention specialist, Richard offers school assembly programs that work well with many Michigan school themes such as the positive behavior support  Olweus Bully Prevention and Bucket Fillers.

stop bullyingRichard’s school assembly programs promote bully prevention and offer up several tools to help build character, self-esteem and self-confidence. These programs  teach students the difference between conflict and bullying and what they can do to peacefully stick-up for themselves. Many Michigan principals, counselors, social workers and teachers agree that students need to learn that a little teasing is not bullying and reporting does not mean tattling about every little problem. They also believe that students need to ban together to stand-up and speak-up against negative bullying behavior. These lessons are learned through Richard's whimsical stories in a way that is not condescending but fun and entertaining for the students. He also shares tools they can easily implement to help with anger management.

Many Michigan schools are looking for programs that promote Core Democratic Values.  Richard has programs that help explain the constitution, diversity, equality and the common good.  For the younger students, this is explained through ventriloquist puppets in a fun and entertaining way.  Each of these programs can also work within a Michigan schools positive behavior and bully prevention theme.

Richard is proud to be part of the "Art and Humanities Touring Program".  As a Michigan based nonprofit organization, institution, school, library, museum, chamber, association, or local government, you can receive a grant from the Michigan Humanities Council when you use bully prevention expert Richard Paul for one of your assemblies or programs.  Richard will be happy to help you with the application and Michigan Grant process. As a Michigan school you also can save money because of our local discounts. Richard and his staff will be happy to help you put together a block of Michigan schools that will keep the cost to a minimum while at the same time receiving a value driven, education school assembly program.