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The Secrets to Building Good Character
Elementary School Assembly

A positive behavior program that promotes caring, cooperation, self-esteem, citizenship, honesty and honor in a fun an interactive way.

Top three things students will learn:
  1. How to put others first, to be a good sport, to accept yourself and praise others
  2. What it means to be respectful and understand the importance of listening skills
  3. Have the courage to be self-disciplined, independent & confident
Program Objective:

Inspire students to take positive risks, resist negative peer pressure, cope with the changes and challenges of life, work through disappointments and so-called failures, set goals and strive to obtain them, and make the most of their creativity. It also teaches why it is so important to have a positive attitude.


"I cannot thank you enough for presenting in Southgate! Every building LOVED you! All of my Principals, staff & students had overwhelming positive things to say about you. Your show was so entertaining & so educational. I thank you for including our PBIS theme of Respectful, Responsible & Safe. The kids totally connected with the message & through fun & humor you reinforced that message that we work to teach every day. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!"

Candace Duane
Southgate School District

This engaging positive behavior program promotes caring for yourself and for others. Students come to understand the true meaning of kindness, generosity and being of service to others. Richard and his ventriloquist puppets, accompanied by his comical magical skills, will highlight the need for confidence, common sense, and a willingness to understand that responsible behavior is the cornerstone to prosperous living.

Richard brings out a Ben Franklin puppet who shares how he invented the Franklin stove which is still used today. Ben explains to the students that he was offered a patent but refused it. He could have made a lot of money on that stove, but instead he published a pamphlet on how to build one’s own stove. Ben educates on how reaching out to help others makes a life and one’s actions meaningful. He adds that the more you give to others, the more good you will receive in return.

self-esteem assembly
Gershen Kaufman, Phd, Lev Raphael, Ph. D and Pamela Espeland in their outstanding book "STICK UP FOR YOURSELF", explains that "positive self-esteem is the single most important psychological skill we can develop in order to thrive in society."

As part of this character building program we discuss what self-esteem really means and easy ways to keep an “I DID IT” list to celebrate goal setting and accomplishments.

The important message the students take away from this program is that self-esteem isn't bragging or believing that they are better than someone else, but rather that positive self-esteem is being proud of their abilities, their talents and their willingness to be respectful and loving to others.

This 40-45 minute elementary school assembly program teaches that respect is the fundamental character quality that prepares students to live productive lives as they relate and work with others.

I feel Good Assembly

"I just wanted to personally thank you for the wonderful program you did today for the students of St. Stephen's. The children loved the program and they received an excellent message. Bravo!  We will definitely see you next year."
Kathleen Beeman, Principal
St. Stephen School, New Boston, MI

"I can't thank you enough for coming! The students did not stop talking about your program all day, and the teachers were equally impressed. I am so happy that you were able to fit our school into your busy east coast schedule."

Carolyn Crandall, Counseling Associate
Growing Up Green Charter School, Long Island City, NY


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