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bully prevention bookAnti-Bullying Elementary School Assemblies
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Anti-bullying strategies that will "quack" you up!

Welcome to Elementary School Assembly Guy Richard Paul’s Duck Sense Bully Prevention programs. Here you will find Richard’s bully prevention elementary school assembly program descriptions as well as other fun, educational  topics, watch videos of his performances, read and watch testimonials from principals, teachers, social workers and students throughout the USA and Canada.

What is Duck Sense?

The mission and the number one goal of Duck Sense Bully Prevention is to promote common sense. Each of Richard’s anti-bullying elementary school assembly programs teach common sense or as he and his webfoot friends like to say, Duck Sense. Richard’s  conflict resolution, positive behavior support, diversity, character building and stop the bullying  programs share some of this "Duck Sense" ... common sense when it comes to the way they treat and react to other people. Students become aware that they are responsible for their own behavior and feelings. They also discover that they don’t have the right to bully someone else, and no one else has the right to bully them either.

Richard Paul is known to many as America's anti-bullying specialist, what makes Duck Sense Bully Prevention unique, education and fun and why Richard Paul and his duck friends are the most sought after anti-bullying school assembly program. For more than twenty five years award winning school speaker, bully prevention expert, curriculum author, Richard Paul and his research based anti-bullying, safe schools programs (Elementary School Assemblies and Middle School Assemblies) promote respect, responsibility and safe schools. Each of his educational no bullying school assembly programs work within the guidelines of most school’s positive behavior support goals and objectives.


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