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Elementary School Assembly for Understanding Diversity

diversity is cool

Diversity is Cool - Removing Stereotypes

Students gain an understanding and come to realize there are many people that may look different. They learn why it is wrong to tease them, make fun of them, isolate them and physically harm them.

Top three things students will learn:
  1. What diversity is
  2. How to understand and respect differences
  3. Why it is important to learn about and welcome friends of different color and beliefs
Program Objective:

To inspire students to ask questions and learn about their fellow students. The more we learn about each other the more likely we are to understand, respect and embrace new friendships. By doing this, we will make diversity a non-issue.

"The 'Diversity is Cool!' presentation done by Richard Paul at Fairview Elementary was phenomenal! The students laughed constantly throughout the production. They left with some very good information about diversity that they continued to talk about once they left the show.  The students shared that they especially liked the puppets that Mr. Paul used.  We would invite Mr. Paul back to Fairview anytime!"
Stephanie Eldridge, Fairview Principal

Prior to the presentation Richard will learn about the different things you do currently in your school to promote diversity so he can customize the program to be in line with your schools mission.

Richard Paul's 40 - 45 minute Diversity Awareness program explains how diversity is part of life and why we need to respect each other's differences and interests. With the help of several colorful puppet friends, stories and audience interaction the students come to understand why diversity is awesome.

understanding diversity elementary school assemblyWhy is elementary school assembly speaker Richard Paul an expert on diversity? He has lived it. Richard Paul was born with a birth defect, his right arm is shorter than his left and missing three fingers. In every school that he presents his diversity assembly program, most of the students are curious to find out what happen to Richard's arm. Some whisper to their friends sitting next to them at the assembly "he's got two fingers". There are other students that see his arm and have a fearful look in their eyes. Within a first few minutes of the presentation they're laughing and have a clear understanding of what happened to his arm and soon forget about it. At the end of the school assembly, most of the students want to give him a high two or a hug.

"Richard, Just a personal note to say thanks, the Multi Cultural/ Diversity Festival was a success. Thanks for adding your special touch."
Sincerely, Sabrina Siano Amy Diversity Program Manager

One of the best things parents and schools can do is to offer up an ongoing diversity appreciation message. Studies have shown that the reason most students bully other students is because of a lack of understanding and a pre-conceived opinion of the world.

Students may hear derogatory comments from television, or from family members. The may even hear friends talk about and or make assumptions of other races, nationalities and cultures. Due to the lack of knowledge they fill in the blanks with hurtful words that are false and disrespectful.

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Video Testimonial:

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Ms Carmen Bellino, Principal
Mountview Road Elementary School
Morris Plains, NJ