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Bullying Ben Franklin

Elementary School Assembly
Building Good Character


Bullying Ben

With a combination of research based information from both Bully Free Schools, Circle of Support and the Michigan Strategic Alternative in Prevention Education (SAPE) Association, this bully prevention program helps students understand that there are other ways than aggressive behavior to obtain their goals. They discover that you can't make friends when you try to control them with aggressive threats and behavior.

Top three things students will learn:
  1. How to develop a positive self-image
  2. What it means to make the right choices
  3. Why it's important to do good for others
Program Objective:

At the end of this bully prevention program students will discover the power of self-control, learn about compassion, the benefits of hard work and positive behavior.

A 40-45 history based elementary school assembly that reinforces core democratic values, good character, self-esteem, and social/emotional competence. It is a fun interactive assembly program that is based on author Richard Paul's and co-author Timothy Pina's internationally renowned children's book "Bullying Ben". A story that shares the little known fact that young Ben Franklin was a target of a bully. In the book and during the assembly the students learn how he worked through it, and why he made the right choices to improve his life and his community.

The Bullying Ben Assembly also explains how we have the power to choose which way we are going to respond and reminds the students that they are responsible for their own feelings.

Richard uses his ventriloquist skills to comically bring to life a Ben Franklin puppet to share how he felt being teased and beat up by his brother and his friends. Ben also explains what it means to develop self-control, self-discipline, and a sense of personal responsibility when it comes to behavioral choices.

Tommy Turkey a character taken right from the "Bullying Ben" book shares what students can do to improve their self-image and why it is important to respect authority, rules and engage in pro-social behavior.

bully prevention bookThis program is great for Constitutional Month, Core Democratic Values or National Bully Prevention Month.

The "Bullying Ben" book has been published by ASJ Publishing and is being marketed and distributed throughout the world. if you are interested in purchasing the book click here for information.

Richard also offer a pre-book sale and the school will receive a discount on the cover price. They can offer students a discount or sell the book at cover rate and use as a school fundraiser and book signing.

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