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Your Children Are Looking Up to You for Guidance

Parents your children are looking up to you for guidance. They want to know right from wrong and they want to know you care about what they have to say.

Here are some of the things that your children can learn from you:

Respect: Be respectful of other people and they will respect others too.

Hope: Display a positive outlook on life and they will discover how to lighten up a dark situation.

Bravery: Show them you are not afraid to step out of your box and they will be willing to take calculated risks.

Self-control: When someone says something to annoy you, walk away and your child will see that fighting doesn’t solve conflicts.

Self-motivation: Be an example of someone that doesn’t just talk about it, you do it and your kids will too.

Anger management: Be willing to step away, take a breath and peacefully release your frustrations and your child will learn how to do the same.

Most importantly be a good listener.  A few months ago my oldest was having a life challenge and he was spilling his guts to me. While he was talking I cut him off in main sentence. He quickly stopped me by saying, “Dad can you please not talk and just listen?”

“The most important function of education at any level is to develop the personality of the individual and the significance of his life to himself and others.” Grayson Kirk

Our kids don’t want us to preach to them or tell them what to do, what they want is for us to give them space, and allow them to take what we have given them over the years and implement it.

“We learn simply by the exposure of living. Much that passes for education is not education at all but ritual.  The fact is that we are being educated when we know it least.” David P. Gardner

Your child is looking up to you for guidance and support don’t let them down.


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  1. I love this article!! I’ll print this to present at our next executive board mtg. I won’t make it for tomorrow’s association mtg but will get it forward to our parents. Thank you.
    By Gloria Boules

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