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Why do kids bully other kids?

Why do kids bully other kids? I asked a group of young campers at the Beverly Hills Club, Beverly Hills, Michigan, summer safety day camp for children. To my surprise each camper had a different reason why kids bully other kids.

Here is a list of there answers:

Why do kids bully other kids?

They are jealous of other kids.
They learn from their dad how to be mean.
Other kids taught them to be bullies.
They have problems at home.
They like being mean to other kids.
No one is ever nice to them and that is why they bully.
Bullies have low self-esteem.
Bullies want to be better than everyone else.
Bullies are afraid of other kids.
They think no one likes them.
Their dad never takes them to McDonalds.

Why do you think kids bully other kids?

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