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Why Bullies Bully

There has been many who have tried to figure out why bullies bully other kids.

Here is a email from a client:

“Understanding¬† “why bullies bully. I explain to to my students¬†that bullies are actually very scared people and unhappy with themselves inside. That something has happened or is happening to them that has made them unhappy and scared inside. So I tell my students when they are being bullied to look at the person and tell them that you are sorry they are not very happy inside. Also I tell my students to “USE THE WALL” and imagine an invisible thick wall around yourself that only lets the good word in and the bad stuff can’t penetrate. Finally I talk to them alot about not giving the bully any power over them to get them upset, which is what the bully wants to ge…. power over them.

Keep up the good work,

Mr. Kim Noxhall

Elementary Character/P.E. Teacher, Fairfield, Ohio

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