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Where does bullying happen?

According to (Hoover,Oliver and Hazler 1992) most of the bullying happens at school and on the school bus to and from school.  I know most of the bullying for me in grade school happened to and from school. In my case one of the safety boys who was suppose to be our friend was really a bully.

I have talked to students who have said that they have been bullied in the classroom when the teacher isn’t looking.

This is why we have to continue to look for signs in our children.

If they are upset all the time or are not eating or don’t want to go on the bus or go to school this is when you have to step in and find out what is going on. Think when you were a kid and how you didn’t want to be the kid that was the cry baby and then take the appropriate action.

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6 Responses to “Where does bullying happen?”

  1. Every year I have been bullyed but this year I have not been bullyed:)

  2. I have been bullied all of my life and I’m an eighth grader.

  3. Kendall,

    I received your comment to a blog I posted.
    You said that you have been bullied all your life.

    Have you talked to anyone at home or at school?
    I know many organization that you can contact for help.
    Feel free to contact me again and I would be happy to give you direction.

    Keep your head up high my friend and be proud of who you are.
    You are not alone people will help you and most of all it is not your fault!!!


  4. try to think positive about yourself and try to deal with that because you are a strong and powerful person and that is nothing comapred to the hardes challenges in your life.

  5. if you are a victims of bullying you should always look in a confident way .keep your head up and look them in the eye without looking angry or scared and protest by saying something go away and leave me alone or i don’t have to listen to what i don’t.

  6. i have never been bullied but i am a 9th grade doing a research project about where bulling happens the most. When i do see bulling happen in my school the bully usually wants is the kid to react in some way so if you don’t react they don’t normally target you they also don’t target the kids who shut the bully down in another meaning is if the kid sticks up for themself in a non caring way – if that makes sense, don’t show the bully that you care that they are bothering you and they will normally look for someone else to bother.

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