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The View at Disneyland Talks about Bullying

If you haven’t seen todays re-broadcast of The View, on ABC, you may want to go to their site to watch it.

They had an interview with Miley Cyrus and she was talking about her new book, “Miles to Go”. In one of the chapters she shares that she was a victim of a bully in middle school and how it was handled. Like most teens Miley was afraid to speak out for fear of retaliation and issolation but with the help of her eavesdropping father Billy Ray Cyrus, action was taken at the school.

This story is a great lesson for both teens who are victims of a bully and parents. Teens need to know that unless they tell someone no one will be able to help them with their bullying problem. Parents also need to keep their eyes and ears open and have a willingness to step in to take action if they feel their child is a victim of a bullying situation at school.

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