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Student Charged in Transmitting Sexual Images


I was reading in the local paper about two high school students being arrested and charged in a sex photo case. As a Cyber Bullying speaker at middle schools and high schools I have explained to students that what you put up never goes away, and that it can hurt the person you are bullying and hurt you and your plans for life.


Young people need to be aware there are limits to what can be distributed and shared via social media avenues like Twitter and Facebook.” Sheriff Wickersham, Macomb County Sheriff  


In the new world of Cyber Bullying, and Sexting, I believe there are a group of students out there that think that they will never get caught or if they do get caught they believe they will get off with a warning. The truth is these two individuals are being charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct a 15 year felony.  One of the defendants is facing charges of sexual activity, a crime punishable by up to seven years in prison. Also if they are convicted they would likely be required to register as sex offenders and have their names and photographs entered on the state’s online database.


This is the real deal, a story that should be shared with your children and your students. If you put bad things up on Twitter or Facebook and are distributing explicit photos of someone that is clearly under age you may find yourself being arrested and charged like these two high school students. Cyber Bullying and Sexting is serious and in most cases against the law so don’t do it!

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One Response to “Student Charged in Transmitting Sexual Images”

  1. It is about time!. Kids need to know that it is okay to press charges. PARENTS need to be supportive of them pressing charges. Law enforcement and district attorney’s need to be supportive of investigating and prosecuting the charges. School administrators need to let the students know that pressing charges is an option and if asked, call the police for the student.

    Press the charges and let it all be sorted out in court. Some students will think twice about bullying others.

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