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National Bully Prevention Week October 4-10,2009

Lets work together to prevent bullying in our schools.

Lets get students talking and working together as a team to stop the bullying in school.

The goal is to offer a safe school for both students and teachers.

Annie thanks for sharing this:


Hi Richard!
My name is Annie Meagher and I’m from CSEE’s BullyBust 2009 campaign. I found your blog (No Bully Club Blog) and thought you might be interested in an upcoming event we are having in New York City and Los Angeles. As you may already know National Bullying Prevention Awareness Week is on October 4-10, 2009. BullyBust 2009 is launching a nationwide campaign to help raise awareness about this important cause. The face of our campaign, teen actress, Sammi Hanratty will be there as well as clothing designer Boy Meets Girl. You’ll be able to buy an exclusive Boy Meets Girl BullyBust T-shirt and have Sammi sign it. A portion of the proceeds will go to helping schools-in-need receive resources to help prevent violence and bullying. We will be giving away a bunch of information on how you too can take a stand against bullying in your school.
These events are open to anyone who is committed to raising awareness about the need to eliminate bullying and violence in our schools nationwide!
 So please spread the word on your blog and pass it on to others! It only takes a minuted you will be helping us give resources to kids who may need your help!
For New York City our BullyBust 2009 campaign party will be held on Friday September 11th from 4:00pm-6:00pm at the Bloomingdales on 59th and Lexington (8th floor). 
For Los Angeles our BullyBust 2009 campaign party will be held on Saturday September 19th from 1:00pm-4:00pm at the Bloomingdales in the Century City Shopping Center.
For more information on our campaign to stop bullying in schools please go to our website and pass it along!
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One Response to “National Bully Prevention Week October 4-10,2009”

  1. Really great message. I wish now the shloocs will decide to act on behalf of those being bullied or harassed to address the issue, problems and perpetrators, and I wish we’ll pay more attention to those at risk for depression and possible suicide. Too often parents, friends, shloocs miss the real signs (my sister and brother-in-law did) to find out the truth too late with a failed attempt or worse a successful one. These take years to happen and often giving obvious signs that counseling won’t change. We need to find avenues for those at risk to speak in private without fear of the often bad reactions by parents (ditto sister and brother-in-law). We have to change the environment of those at risk than just them, otherwise it doesn’t get better until they leave one way or the other. Any wonder why there are so many runaways? It sure solves that situation, but not them, only their environment.We need safe environments for those at risk, home, school, public, etc. Otherwise, it’s received as just another empty promise.Anyway, thanks for the link.

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