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Make the Right Decision to Be Respectful and Kind

I had the opportunity to present my Diversity program to Hallowell Elementary in Horsham PA and the principal Steven Glaize was awesome. He even bought me lunch, a Hoagie and it was delicious. Steve and I talked about how schools and parents need to keep reinforcing respect and tolerance. We both agreed that if we keep reminding students to respect, understand and be nice to one another over and over again it will eventually sink in. When  they are  just about to say or do the wrong thing hopefully they will  remember a word or phrase someone said that reminds them to choose respect over disrespect, kindness over bullying .

As Mr. Glaize so gracefully put it to his student, “you are all awesome students, we have learned so much about diversity and respect for each other but now i’s up to you to do it. When you are in class and on the playground make the right decision to be respectful and kind.”

I look forward to returning to Hallowell Elementary, the students and staff are not only awesome but they are proactive when it comes to respecting and caring for each other including me.

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