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Letters from Students

I presented a program in North Dakota and the students sent me some letters following the presentation.

“I learned that it is not alright to make fun of people.

Your message touched the hearts of many mine included!”  – Rosie


“I learned how to not pick on someone.

I think other people learned that too.” – Josephine

Self Esteem

“I learned how to peacefully stick up for myself and how to stick up for others when they are getting bullied.”- Nairah


“I didn’t think your hand was weird, I thought it was cool, I mean I have a best friend that doesn’t have her right hand.” – Molly


“You thought us to do different stuff when you are about to confront a bully

Give them eye contact:

  1. Say STOP IT!
  2. Stand 2 feet away

“Thank you for coming to our school,” -Donna


“I learned mostly everything you taught and yes the school is better, you changed it. There is still a little bullying but we now know how to peacefully work through it.” -Justin

“I used to be a bully but not that bad. Then when I saw your program you changed my mind. I did you get to own your company? Did you start it yourself? I think when you came to the school the students here learned to stop the bullying.” –Kyle

“The one thing I learned is to give the person that is bullying eye contact. The way to stop bullying is to step up and report it. School is going to be better because people are going to work together to make sure there is no bullying.” –Avery

“You taught me that I’m not perfect and that is ok. No matter what I think by us doing what you taught us we can become better students and I can become a better person. I think what you taught me will make life easier.” –Scrah

“I learned things I didn’t know about bullying. I also learned that when you’re talking to someone look them in the eyes and not their feet. When you look at their feet and talk it makes them feel bad. I want to make this school a bully free place.” -Kimberly

“You inspired me to make a Stop the Bullying poster and it looks cool in the school.” –Parke

“I’ve been through a lot of things this past week and I’d think of what you would say and it helps. Thanks for that! Keep doing what you’re doing.” – Anjeni

I learned there is a reason when are here. We just got to keep doing what we’re doing because we are all awesome. We all have something to share.” -Chance

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