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Keep loving your son!

Subject: RE: Bullying Questions

I believe that you are on the right track.
Keep boosting his self-esteem; keep reminding him that he is loved.
I would suggest that you also have him talk to a school social worker or child psychologist so he can talk to someone other than Mom and Dad.

When my oldest was having some emotional difficulties we took him to a child therapist and we felt it really helped him.

There are many books on this topic and there are also great articles with awesome suggestions.
I have a few at my web site and some links to other sites and blogs.

I hope this helps you.

May I put this up at my No Bully Blog? If I receive comments I can email them to you.

Good luck,
Keep loving your son!
Richard Paul

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my earlier email. We are starting to see improvement in his behavior which I believe is coming from removing him from the bullying environment. We have also informed the preschool teacher of what we are dealing with in our neighborhood and she has been wonderful in assisting us in “undoing” some of these unacceptable behaviors that he has started to incorporate into his play. We also spoke with our family psychologist (everyone really should have one on retainer – ha! ha! ) and he gave us some excellent suggestions also. Lastly, I have been taking my son off of our street and around the neighborhood to meet some of the other boys his age to play with.

The combination of these changes seems to be netting good results. I believe that we will continue to see improvement and, a lessening of interest in playing with these bully children as we stick to our new plan.

Please feel free to put our scenario on your blog. It is extremely helpful to know that other parents are dealing with the same issues.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy your weekend!

Thank you,


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