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I Found this on another No Bully Blog!

Ah yes, the good old days of education. I personally do not remember any cases of bullying. However I used to stand up to the worst kids in my school, and convey the message “listen do not even dare to lay a finger on me or your … is going to be in such trouble”.

My point is that people have to learn how to stand up for themselves in a productive manner. Or else a bully will bite. I do not condone bullying and the extremes of today, but for all the Vics out there.

“If you let someone dominate you, you’re just as guilty as the bully, so next time you are confronted by your bully or bullies, tell them “Stop calling me names…It really hurts me when you call me those names. Can you stop?”

I used to be part of a Peer Conflict Mediation team in school. And I will tell you it works. About 100 percent of the cases you get all of them come to a solution. A bully in definition does not understand boundaries. And you have to teach them that there conduct is affecting them, others around, and it clearly needs to stop.

I know bullies are mean, aggressive and have no boundaries. But as long as you the Vic stay silent the bully will bully. Now I know Vics everywhere are saying how the… do I do this. Well bring light to the situation, let whomever is bullying you know are not going to stay silent, and the next time it happens “I am going to let the principal know.” Bullies will bully as long as you stay in the dark.

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