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How to Know if a Student is Being Bullied

If you notice a behavior change, you may want to talk to the child to see if there is anything wrong. For example, if a child is normally out-going and willing to participate one day and then all of a sudden they’re quiet and afraid to raise their hand. Or, a calm child becomes loud and obnoxious. If this happens, you may want to talk to the child to see if someone is bullying them. Unfortunately when you ask the student if there is a problem he/she may not give you a truthful answer so it is ery important that you recognize warning signs.

Here are a list of warning signs:

  • Child is sick from school more than usual
  • Child stops wanting to participate in classroom activities
  • Child’s school work becomes sloppy
  • Child’s grades unexplainable drop
  • Child starts coming to school with torn clothing
  • Child is afraid to board the bus or walk home from school
  • Child is afraid to go out on the playground
  • Child wants to go home for lunch

By keeping a watchful eye you can help to prevent serious emotional and physical damage.

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