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Have you started your Bully Prevention Program

Tuesday was the first day of school for most students in Michigan but in many other states school started two to three weeks ago.  As one of my clients from North Dakota put it, “this is the honeymoon period,” it’s the time when students figure out the layout of the school, meet new students and discover where they stand on the social ladder.

Does this mean that there is no bullying? No

As one 8th grader put it last week, “they’re already making fun of me because I am short, and because my skin is darker than theirs.”

Now is the time you put your bully prevention plan in place.

Now is the time you have your kick off assembly programs

Now is the time you implement a daily, not weekly or monthly, but a daily program that reminds the students what it is, why it is wrong and how to report it.

There are many assemblies and programs available so make sure you do your research to find out if the person you’re thinking on bringing in is going to speak to the heart of the students or just talk basic bully prevention.

Now is the time to be serious about bully prevention.

Richard Paul

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