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Can The Cyberbully get caught?

There was a time where bullying was only took place in school or to and from school. Today young people are using their computers and smart phones to tell lies and be mean to others. They put up embarrassing videos, pictures, statements, recordings, text messages intended to hurt specific students in the school. Cyber Bullying can take place anytime and any place.

 They think they will never be caught……

 Cyberbullies think that they will never be found out they create fake screen name or hide their name and phone number. The truth is they can be caught and in some cases be in big trouble with local and federal law enforcement. According to Judge Tom Jacobs in his book, “Teen Cyberbullying Investigated” he writes that “The cyberbullying epidemic has the attention of state legislatures, the federal government and countries across the globe. Cities and towns are also addressing the problem by passing laws about electronic harassment.”

 What can you do to stop the cyberbullying?

 What can the Target of a bully do if they are being harassed with embarrassing pictures and or statements put up on Facebook, Twitter or a website? You have the power to put an end to cyberbullies harassments because every social networking site and website has rules, regulations and places to report inappropriate behavior. They will shut them down or ban them from the social networking site altogether.

 Here is how you can stop the on line bullying:

 1)      Make copies of everything with date, times and any other information you can find. 

2)      Tell a trusted adult (parent, uncle, grandparent, teacher, pastor, babysitter etc)

3)      Talk to someone who knows how to figure out where a message is coming from. (most good IT people can figure it out quickly)

4)      If it is a life threatening message you need to contact the police right away for your safety and the safety of the school.

5)      YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  There are laws, rules and people willing to help if you just ask them and tell them what is going on.

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  1. This was very helpful, and I thank you for posting this information. At least somebody else notices this going on and is really caring

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