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Bully Awareness and Involvement

The Godfather of understanding bullying issues Dan Olweus, explains in his book, Bully at School,”the two important prerequisites to successful intervention are awareness and active involvement.”

Let’s first talk about awareness. Basically, awareness it is not having a blind eye when it comes to children in the hall or on the playground. Not thinking, “well they’re just kids and they can handle it.” I have spoken at many teacher/parent organizations and a teacher or parent will say, “I was on the playground and didn’t see or hear a thing.” I then explain that the reason why they didn’t see anything is because most bullying occurs in seconds. Quick punch, push, threat so fast that only the victim or students around the situation can actually see what is going on.

When you keep a watchful eye like one would do when walking down a dark alley you will be alert and aware of the surroundings.

I remember in high school two kids would bully me in class; push me or make fun of my birth defect. Rarely did a teacher step in to help. Why? Because they never saw what was happening to the victim. If there is a new kid in class or someone you know that has some self-esteem issues you need to keep a special eye and ear open. Step in with a friendly “Your going to do what?”

I had a teacher in high school that did just that he heard a kid threaten to kick my XXX after school and he stepped right in with a big smile on his face, warning the kid that if he did anything to me after school he would be cleaning out his office for a week.

He helped end the problem before there was one and thanks to his awareness of the situation and willingness to intervene the bully stopped picking on me or anyone else in school.

Be aware and willing to get involved and you will help the victim and the school put an end to the bullying.

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