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I heard a story of a girl who was being teased in class. The two bullies wouldn’t let up till she cried out for help. A young man who was late for class walked in during the heat of the conflict and shouted, “STOP IT!”  The two bullies went silent and the victim fell to the floor weeping. The boy sat next to her and told her he would stay with her till the social worker arrived. After walking her to the office the young hero went back into his class and asked the teacher if he could say a few words to his classmates. She agreed and he started reminding them how wrong it is to bully and how stupid they all are for teasing that young lady. He asked, “how would you like it if someone was teasing you like that?”

 Here is a perfect example of how students and teachers need to get involved. Bullying is wrong,  if we sit back watching someone being teased and fail to step in and say something then we are as bad as the bully.

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