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Anyone Can Be A Bully

In a book entitled “Bully Free Classroom, by Allan L. Beane, PHD he says: “To little supervision of children and adolescents can contribute to the development of bullying behavior.” He goes on to say that Children need to get the message that bullying behavior is not okay.”

My hobby is training dogs and I have found that dogs like kids like to push the limits. I just recently purchased a Golden Retriever puppy and she likes to torment her older brother a White German Sepherd mix who is two years older than her. She will bit, kick, scratch and he will do the same. I have to step in at times to remind them to play fair or give them time away from one another. My children also have had their moments where I need to step in to break it up. It is up to us as parents and care givers to not only break up a potential bully situation but also teach them that anyone can end up being a bully if they don’t watch what they say and do.

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