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How to Stop Being Teased and Bullied Without Really Trying

“If you stop making fun of me,
I promise to stop making fun of you!”
(This material is copyrighted. It is meant to help as many people as possible. You may copy and pass it on to others on the condition that proper credit is given to the author and that this message remains in place.)
But first, a little story.
Johnny is visiting a new town. In front of a big, magnificent old house, he sees another boy, surrounded by hundreds of pigeons, throwing bread crumbs on the sidewalk. Wanting to start up a conversation, he asks the boy, “What’s your name?”

“Billy,” says the boy.

“And what are you doing?” Johnny asks Billy.

“I’m making the pigeons go away,” Billy answers.

“What do you mean, you’re making them go away?” the astounded Johnny asks.

“Yes. I’m making them go away. Every day, day after day, for many generations, these birds have been coming to our house at the same time every morning. They are a terrible nuisance. The noise they make is unbearable and it’s almost impossible to walk on the sidewalk. And the slippery, yucky mess they leave all over the place is the worst thing of all.”

“So why are you throwing them bread,” the impatient Johnny asks.

“My ancestors tried everything, and discovered that the only thing that makes them go away is bread crumbs. As soon as the last crumb is finished, they suddenly can’t stand being here. Then they all fly away and we don’t see them again for a whole day!”

I hope this story made you laugh, or at least chuckle. That Billy sure was stupid. He thought he was chasing the birds away, but he was really making them come. “So, what,” you may be wondering, “does this story have to do with teasing victims?” Lots! Just keep on reading and you’ll soon understand.

How to stop being a teasing victim
The Instructions
Read these lessons carefully. If you are a teasing victim, they will change your life. Just follow the simple advice you’ll get here and your days of being a teasing victim will soon be history. I have to warn you, though: You must follow the advice exactly, or I can’t promise that you will succeed. Do it even if you have a hard time believing that it will work or that it can be so simple. Don’t worry, though. Everything I will tell you to do is very, very easy. One week should be enough to know if it’s working. You’ve been doing things your way for years, and you’re still being teased. Now I’m asking you to do it my way for only seven days.

You may think it’s crazy for me to be telling you that you can stop your teasers quickly and easily. After all, you have been working so hard for years to make the teasing stop, but nobody — not you, not your parents, and not even your teachers — has succeeded in stopping people from teasing you. If all your efforts have brought you nothing but frustration, then the solution must be very, very difficult! Right?

Wrong! The solution is not difficult. In fact, it’s incredibly easy! What you have been doing is extremely hard. Way too hard!!! Think of it this way: What are all those kids who don’t get teased doing to stop their teasers?… Nothing?… That’s right! Nothing! They are doing nothing! Why? Because they’re not getting teased! If you’re not being teased, how can you be doing anything to stop it?! Only people who are teased can be trying to make it stop. If you are going to become someone who isn’t teased, then you have to become someone who isn’t doing anything to stop the teasing!

Does this sound confusing? If it does, that’s fine. Because I’m going to make you unconfused. And unteased.

The instructions are presented in ten easy lessons. As you will see, these instructions require you to do almost nothing. They are all based on seeing things differently, and then not doing the things you have been used to doing. You will save a lot of energy and get the results you really want. Sound good? Well, it should, because it is good!

You don’t need to learn all ten lessons to start. But you should read the first five. They are not long, and the benefits will be well worth your time. The first five lessons will give you what you need to make the teasing stop. If you want to read the others now, that’s fine. But it’s also OK to read them in a week or so, after you have had a chance to see how wonderfully the first five lessons have worked.

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