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A story emailed to me….

On Friday night I had plans to go to my school’s football game with a friend after a fundraiser at church. There was miscommunication and I thought that he wasn’t going to the game unless he called me, so when I got there and saw him with another girl I was surprised and upset. Instead of going and talking to him about it, I sent him a text message telling him that I was really upset with him and I left the game. This passive aggressive mode of communication only hindered the situation. Had I went and talked to him, I wouldn’t have felt bad and I would have known that he had just made a mistake. He wouldn’t have felt so horrible about forgetting to call. Sometimes, it’s really easy to get wrapped up in drama. In that situation it would have been better for me to take a moment, release my ego, and ask spirit what the right thing to do was (It was not fighting with someone via text message, let me tell you…). In so many situations that involve fighting or anger, the best thing we can do is stop, breath, and turn to spirit for guidance.

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