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Self- Love

I am a trainer with Bully Free Schools, have had personal instructions from Stan Davis, author of “Schools Where Everyone Belongs”. I have studied the work of Shad Helmstetter, “The Self-Talk Solution” and the works of Gershen Kaufman, PHD, Lev Raphael, PHD and Pamela Espeland and their outstanding book “Stick Up For Yourself!” and many more.

One common thread to everything I have read and learned is the need for students as individuals to love and respect themselves. The problem is we can all talk about it and put up some posters on the wall but I believe in a perfect world there should be classes and or more instruction on the subject.


This crazy fast pace world seems to focus more on the outer world and forget the need for personal inner work. The more we come to understand and respect who we are the more likely we will love and respect others too.

I believe the key is to share with the students the true meaning of the word LOVE. They in turn will come to understand that it is not being conceited to pat yourself on the back when you do something right, but rather a step toward a positive self-image and positive behavior skills.


I was and still am a fan of the “Dr. Love”, the late Leo Buscaglia PhD, author, speaker, teacher and professor at the University of Southern California.  Here is a guy that not only walked the talk. He shared the message, he had the vision, he saw the need for self-love and love for others and mankind. He even convinced the university to offer up a class on it.

My programs implements all these elements listed above. The students come to understand the need for self-love, self-respect and why it is ok to peacefully stick up for yourself.

One of my favorite Dr. Love quotes seems to say it all: “Love is life. And if you miss Love, you miss Life”.

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