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You Will Be Missed

I have been in the event and entertainment business for forty years this March 27, 2015.

We have booked bands for bars and lounges, weddings, corporate events and park concerts. Over the last twenty years my event and entertainment team has expanded our services offering different kinds of entertainment and event concepts.

Many of my clients and I have brainstormed ideas and ways to turn simple summer concerts into Disney style family friendly events. When I first met Richard he was an assistant superintendent of a Metro Park. Through hard work and dedication he worked his way up to park superintendent, managing three parks.

Richard and I worked together over twenty-two years creating and lining up entertainment for his park’s  Country Fest, Motown Shows, July 4 Celebrations, Big Screen Movies and Family Fun Days. He loved to try new things and wasn’t afraid to step out of the box.  His attention to detail and the way he worked with his staff taught me the value of customer service, and why it is so important to go the extra mile.

Over the years Richard and I formed a strong friendship. He would offer me constructive criticism, and I would offer up marketing ideas. He would share positive parenting skills, and I would offer up public speaking techniques and ideas.

Just yesterday I found out my former client and friend Richard has left this world.  I will miss the many mastermind/lunches, his advice, and his ability to inspire me to be better at what I do.


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