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Puerto Rico Stress Reduction Speech


I had the opportunity to speak to a group of surgical tech instructors at a conference in Puerto Rico.

They are a team of dedicated, caring professionals that deal with and work through many daily stressful tasks. It is their job to teach the students what they need to know to pass the certification testing and what is needed to do to become a competent surgical tech professional.

One of the instructors I spoke to prior to the event said, “I do everything but underwater basket weaving.”

I was their opening keynote speaker sharing several tools on how to work through stress in the workplace.

We discussed what stress is and why some stress is good for you.  We shared stress reduction tips including healthy breathing techniques, daily practical fun activities they can easily implement and why humor and laughter is a healthy way to reduce stress.

Here are some pictures from the event and all the fun we had sharing and learning how to work through workplace stress.


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