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Cyberbullying Protection and Prevention Resources

Here is a list of Cyberbullying Reading and Resources: Taken from “Teen Cyberbullying Investigated” by Judge Tom Jacobs

Cyberbullying: Are New Laws Needed to Curb Online Aggression? Congressional Quarterly Researcher 18, NO. 17 (2008) 385-408

C- Span (Click “Search” and enter the Program ID “283995-1

Cyberbullying Europe-How is Europe Dealing With It? bye European Commission (Feb 16, 2009)

Electronic Media, Violence and Adolescents: An Emerging Public Health Problem  Journal of Adolescent Health 41, No. 6 (December 2007) :1-5

Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use

Wired Safety

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Cyber Bullying Prevention Tips

Here are some cyber bullying prevention tips:

Keep your personal information private

Never give anyone your password

Google yourself regularly to make sure noone is sending up false information about you

Do not open questionable messages from people you know or don’t know

Do not forward any gossip, embarrassing or threatening messages


Our new Cyber Bullying Prevention Program

Our new Cyber Bullying Prevention Middle School/High School assembly program “Think Before you Click”  is now available.

 The program shares the following information:

 What Cyber Bullying is

How it never goes away

How it can hurt your future

What it can do to a target/victims emotions

What you can do if you are being Cyber Bullied

When and how to report Cyber Bullying

When it is a crime

What you and your parents can do legally to put an end to the cyber bullying

Why you should speak up if you receive a suspicious, threatening or gossip message from someone

 Visit our Duck Sense Bully Prevention web site for more information.