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Hug your Son!

Here is a great song that will make you want to hug your kids no matter how old they may be:

\”GREAT SONG ON YOUTUBE\”    Song for my Son – Mickey Carroll

It is a reminder that if we want our children to be better we need to be better to them.

If we want our children to keep their chin up high we to must give them encouragement and love.

If we want our children to reach for the stars we  need to continue to support and guide them.

If we want our children to know we love them we need to show them.

Both Bully’s and Victims need to know they are loved and soon the labels will dissappear and so will the bullying. 

Richard Paul

We love it when people like our program….

 I would strongly encourage you to consider Mr. Paul for any of your assembly needs. He is professional, considerate and patient. We had issues with our funding and didn’t even know if the show would go on till the last minute, but Mr. Paul was in constant contact with us and willing to work with us. Many companies are just out to make money, but I believe Mr. Paul truly does this for the love of it. He incorporates real life situations and experiences, role plays, and staff and students to make his point.

In conclusion, I want to thank Mr. Paul for his amazing presentations. I have never seen the students so captivated and attentive. He has an amazing ability to entertain and teach at the same time. Our students and staff are still talking about his assembly and have rated it the best in recent years!


Another satisfied customer,

Tressa Lickfelt

School Success Program

Hale Elementary and Middle Schools

Hale, MI