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What Can You Do To Stop The Bullying?

What you can do to stop the bullying is to get involved.
If you see a fellow student being bullied (pushed , teased, threatened) you need to help them.
By telling someone about what is going on! (Parents, Teacher, Principal etc)
Some schools have a box that you can put the information in and knowbody will know that you are the one who informed the school.

The worse thing you can do is be silent and not tell anyone. If you do this you are not helping the student, the school or yourself because evetually you could end up being the next victim.

Do something!

Copyright Richard Paul 2009

Please Help Me I’m Being Bullied!

I was at a school presenting my no bullying program and after the presentation a young girl came up to tell me that she was being bullied. It was obvious that she was desperately looking for help because she said she told her teacher and her mother but it didn’t seem that anything was being done to end the bullying. I told her to tell the principal and her teacher again and insist that she needs their help.  After she walked away the principal came up to me to tell me how happy she was with my no bully program. I pointed out the little girl to her and said, “that girl is being bullied and she really needs your help!” I was so impressed because the principal quickly called in the school counselor and they were discussing a plan of action.

When someone is asking for help don’t assume it is nothing but kids being kids instead act quickly and you will put an end to the bullying.

Copyright Richard Paul 2009