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Bullying Hurts!

This is a post from a student: 

“I used to be bullied at school. I felt like killing myself.”

This is why we need to help the victims.

We need to educate the faculty and get the students and parents involved.

We can save a life!

What do you think needs to be done?

What does your school do to stop bullying?

What are you doing to get involved? 

Are there no books for the students being bullied?

The reality’s of today for teens being bullied is much more harsh. As I have experienced with my daughter,now 17.For teens,bullying may start from a name calling but branches into cyber bullying and public humiliation.A bully adds his/her friends to their mix and soon your teen is bullied by not one but by several teens.There is an endless network for bullies to use and for the bullied to endure. Is there a way to avoid this? NO. There is no,”How to raise your child NOT to be Bullied” method. There is a ” How to raise your child NOT to be a Bully” method:RESPECT.

Do you agree that there are no books out there for the victim?

Self-Esteem is the Best Defense

Studies have shown that the best defense in a bullying situation is self-esteem. Cheer on your child, always let them know that you appreciate them in your life.

I just finished a book about a 19 year old young man who ran his first marathon in Chicago. He and his mentors set a goal to finish in less that five hours, he finished in 4:59 seconds. The young man was ecstatic and felt as if nothing could stop him from living his dreams.

If your child isn’t outgoing don’t try to make her do things you like to do. Instead find out what she likes then support her and cheer her on.  Let her succeed on her own and watch her self-esteem blossom.