Richard Paul, School Assembly Presenter

For more than twenty five years award winning school speaker, bully prevention specialist, curriculum author, Richard Paul and his research based anti-bullying, safe schools programs (elementary school assemblies and middle school assemblies) promote respect, responsibility and safe schools. Each of his educational school assembly programs work within the guidelines of most school’s positive behavior support goals and objectives.

Richard Paul is a trained bully prevention school assembly speaker. He has studied the works of Dan Olweus,  Barbary Colorso,  Stan Davis,  Margaret R Kojut, MSW, Cherl Dellasega, PhD, and Charissa Nixon, PhD.

He receives ongoing training from both the Macomb County, Michigan Intermediate School District and Oakland County, Michigan Intermediate School Districts Bully Free Schools trainers workshops.

“Your presentation was very creative and captured the interest of the children. Students and staff alike enjoyed the positive energetic message and audience participation you provided.” Mrs. Yolanda White, Principal, Sugarbush Elementary

Richard is also the author of a bully prevention curriculum and activities book that has been receiving rave review from schools throughout the United States. It is a book that works within the guidelines of many school districts bully prevention policies and positive behavior support programs.

He is also the co-author of an internationally acclaimed children’s book entitled Bullying Ben. It is a story about Ben Franklin and how he was bullied by his half-brother and what he did to work through it to better himself and his community. The book shares tips on how to build self-esteem, self-worth and foster strong personal core values.  It is the basis of his Bullying Ben School Assembly.

In addition to speaking to students Richard is a sought after teacher-in-service, parent night and ant- bullying conference speaker.  His number one goal is to give the teachers, parents, counselors and social workers practical tools they can quickly implement to improve student behavior and reduce bullying in the schools and in the community.

Richard continues to research bully prevention by attending workshops, conferences and networking with school social workers, counselors and stop the bullying advocates from around the world.

Both his Facebook page ( and his Twitter page twitter@nobullyclub  are followed by hundreds of clients, students, parents and bully prevention specialists.  Many have implemented his bully prevention suggestions and tools in their blogs, articles and Twitter messages.

Richard has also receive numerous emails, letters and newspaper articles thanking him for his practical information and his willingness to go the extra mile to help a student with bullying issues. Click the news logos below for full articles.

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If you are looking to just entertain your children and have just a little bully prevention message mixed in then Richard is not your man. If you’re looking for a 45-50 minute academically content rich program that is educational and fun, a school assembly where the students will listen and learn the difference between conflict and bullying, understand why we should embrace diversity, discover the value of self-esteem and the meaning of positive behavior then School Assembly Guy Richard Paul and his Duck Sense Bully Prevention school assembly  programs are the right fit for your next school assembly, parent night, teacher-in-service or Stop the Bullying Conference.

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